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    Picture of Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce - 500 ml

    Honey Bunny

    Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce - 500 ml

    Give your barbequed meals a blast of inspiration, courtesy of Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce. Sweetened with organic Honey Bunny honey, this barbeque sauce is the perfect balance of spice and sweet. Hide it in your kitchen cabinet and let it become your secret sauce.
    Picture of Vinaigrette Marinade - Caesar - 250 ml

    Maison Orphée

    Vinaigrette Marinade - Caesar - 250 ml

    If you're looking for a vegan-friendly marinade that will make your grilled veggies taste great, check out Maison Orphée's Caesar Vinaigrette-Marinade. Quality oils, garlic and lemon blend with a base of coconut milk to give this delicious dressing its creamy texture.
    Picture of Low FODMAP Ketchup - 475 g
    Picture of Organic Gluten-Free Soy Sauce - Lite Tamari - 296 ml


    Organic Gluten-Free Soy Sauce - Lite Tamari - 296 ml

    Made with 100% soy and no wheat, San-J’s Organic Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce has a richer, milder and more complex taste than regular soy sauce. It undergoes a unique fermentation process to enhance its flavour, and tastes great in soups, gravies and sauces, or as a marinade in stir-fry dishes.
    Picture of Canola Mayonnaise - 946 ml

    Spectrum Naturals

    Canola Mayonnaise - 946 ml

    Enjoy the creamy mayonnaise taste you love without the cholesterol, courtesy of Spectrum Naturals' Canola Mayonnaise. This zesty mayonnaise makes a great dip for fries and is also a fantastic spread for sandwiches.
    Picture of Soy-Free Teriyaki

    Naked Coconuts

    Soy-Free Teriyaki

    Ditch the old and bring in the new, courtesy of Naked Coconuts and their soy-free seasoning sauces. After finishing school, the founder of Naked Coconuts, Paul, learned his nephew had developed a soy allergy. Paul searched for soy-free sauce alternatives, but when he couldn’t find any, he began creating his own using coconuts. Today, Naked Coconuts is committed to transparency, environmental conservation, animal welfare and having fun.
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    Picture of Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce - 375 ml

    The Ginger People

    Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce - 375 ml

    Spice up your next salad, dip or sandwich by drizzling on The Ginger People’s Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce. Made with sweet red peppers, spicy ginger and chilies, this sauce is also a sublime glaze for seafood, salmon and chicken.
    Picture of Cherry Balsamic - 295 ml

    Little Creek Dressing

    Cherry Balsamic - 295 ml

    Make your next salad taste delicious, by using Little Creek's Cherry Balsamic Dressing. This delectable vinaigrette dressing tastes so good that you'll think you're at a restaurant. You can also use it on its own as a veggie dip.
    Picture of Organic Sriracha - 509 g

    Natural Value

    Organic Sriracha - 509 g

    Heat up your next meal with Natural Value's Organic Sriracha. This vegan-friendly and gluten free siracha was the first organic Sriracha sauce to hit the market, and it adds just the right amount of spice to your supper.
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    Picture of Sriracha Hot Sauce - Green - 473 ml

    Simply Natural

    Sriracha Hot Sauce - Green - 473 ml

    If anyone in your family loves food that has a spicy kick, then they'll enjoy Simply Natural's Green Sriracha Hot Sauce. This fiery sauce is the perfect way to add heat to noodles, burgers and sauces.
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