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    Cooking Sauce & Other Condiments

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    Thai Kitchen


    Explore the flavours that make Thailand so unique, courtesy of Thai Kitchen. They design all of their recipes to be so irresistibly delicious that, if you close your eyes, you’ll think you’re actually in Thailand. If you want to create quick and easy Thai meals at home, your journey starts with Thai Kitchen.
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    Picture of Coconut Marinade - 236 ml

    Coco Natura

    Coconut Marinade - 236 ml

    Marinate your meat and vegetables with Ecoideas Coco Natura Coconut Marinade. This certified organic and prebiotic marinade serves as an excellent substitute for soy sauce. As a healthy bonus, it is a high source of 17 naturally occurring amino acids.
    Picture of Sauce

    The Curry Queen


    Raised right here in Calgary, Alberta, Bridget Rathwell quickly developed a passion for Indian cuisine. To show her passion, she began developing her own recipes and letting her friends enjoy her cooking. Her desire drove her onwards, and she started The Curry Queen to share her food with the world.
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    Picture of Coconut Milk - Light - 160 ml

    Earth's Choice

    Coconut Milk - Light - 160 ml

    Improve your next pastry by using Earth's Choice Light Coconut Cream. This delicious, certified organic cream adds a rich, tropical flavour to desserts and sauces, and is great for coconut rice and curries.
    Picture of Soya Cuisine - 250 ml


    Soya Cuisine - 250 ml

    The next time your cookbook calls for cream, tag in Belsoy's Soya Cuisine. This 100% plant-based cream variation has a light texture and a rich flavour. As it's naturally lactose-free, it's also easy to digest.
    Picture of Teriyaki Sauce - 251 ml

    Premier Japan

    Teriyaki Sauce - 251 ml

    Fire up the barbecue and get ready for an amazing meal, courtesy of Premier Japan’s Teriyaki Sauce. This organic and gluten free sauce gives meat and veggies the traditional teriyaki flavour you crave.
    Picture of Spicy Ginger Teriyaki Sauce - 375 ml

    The Ginger People

    Spicy Ginger Teriyaki Sauce - 375 ml

    A lively punch of ginger gives The Ginger People’s Spicy Ginger Teriyaki Sauce a pleasant burst of flavour that’s perfect for green beans, broccoli or soba noodles. If you’re more into proteins, use this sauce to marinate rib eye, chicken, pork or salmon.
    Picture of Thai Peanut Sauce - 355 ml


    Thai Peanut Sauce - 355 ml

    If you want to add a burst of Thai flavour to your next Asian-inspired dish, try using Everland’s Thai Peanut Sauce. This tasty peanut sauce pairs well with vegetarian meals and can also be used to add some flavour to your favourite proteins.
    Picture of Creamed Coconut - 3 x 50 g

    Earth's Choice

    Creamed Coconut - 3 x 50 g

    Add rich coconut flavour to your next dish courtesy of Earth's Choice's Creamed Coconut. Add water to the organic creamed coconut until it reaches the desired consistency, then use it in soups, curries, desserts and smoothies.
    Picture of Fish Sauce - 200 ml

    Thai Kitchen

    Fish Sauce - 200 ml

    Add the savoury flavour of traditional Thai cuisine to your next dish by using Thai Kitchen’s Fish Sauce. Made from the careful first pressing of salted anchovies, this fish sauce has a complex flavour that’s the perfect balance of sweet, tangy and spicy. Use it instead of soy sauce or salt to add a savoury touch to your next meal.
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