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    Picture of Rice

    Lotus Foods


    Lotus Foods' love story starts with a journey to China, where the founders of Lotus Foods tasted black rice for the first time. In 1995, they started importing the rice and selling it to thrilled consumers. However, money was never the end goal. Changing the world was. That's why Lotus Foods is trying to change how rice is grown by supporting better growing practices and whole grain heirloom rice varieties that lessen environmental impact.
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    Picture of Hard Red Wheat - 11.34 kg
    Picture of Buckwheat Hulls - 15.91 kg
    Picture of Quinoa - Tri-Colour - 375 g
    Picture of Kasha (Roasted Buckwheat) - 11.34 kg
    Picture of Red Fife Wheat Kernels - 20 kg
    Picture of Japonica Rice - Black - 454 g


    Japonica Rice - Black - 454 g

    If you’re looking for a rice variety that’s sure to impress friends and family, reach for Lundberg’s Black Japonica Rice. This unique rice variety is packed with nutrients and health-promoting antioxidants. It has a roasted nutty flavour and an exotic sweet spiciness.
    Picture of Chick Peas - 11.34 kg
    Picture of Soy Beans - 11.34 kg
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