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    Beans, Grains & Rice

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    Picture of Quinoa Royal - Red and White - 500 g

    GoGo Quinoa

    Quinoa Royal - Red and White - 500 g

    If you’re serving up a meal for people with food intolerances, you should seriously consider using this GoGo Quinoa product as a side dish. This gluten free and vegan-friendly superfood has a delicious flavour that everyone will love.
    Picture of Long Grain Rice - Brown - 907 g


    Long Grain Rice - Brown - 907 g

    The next time you need a versatile rice, try Lundberg’s Long Grain Brown Rice. After cooking this certified gluten free rice, the whole grains remain fluffy and separate, making this rice perfect for stuffings, pilafs, casseroles and stir-fry dishes.
    Picture of Polenta Corn Grits - 680 g

    Bob's Red Mill

    Polenta Corn Grits - 680 g

    If you need to make a quick and healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, try using Bob’s Red Mill’s Polenta Corn Grits. This freshly milled organic corn meal makes a great porridge and is also indispensable when you’re whipping up a classic Italian polenta.
    Picture of Sprouted Rice - Short Brown - 454 g


    Sprouted Rice - Short Brown - 454 g

    Spruce up your next supper by using Lundberg’s Sprouted Rice. This nutritious sprouted rice is gluten free and vegan-friendly and takes only 30 minutes to cook. It’s cultivated using eco-positive farming methods which helps ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the planet for a long time.
    Picture of Buckwheat Hulled - 11.34 kg
    Picture of Chia - White - 300 g
    Picture of Arborio Rice - White - 907 g


    Arborio Rice - White - 907 g

    The perfect rice dish starts with Lundberg’s Arborio White Rice. Generally, you’ll find this gluten free and vegan-friendly Italian rice used in dishes where a creamy texture is desired, such as a basic risotto.
    Picture of Sprouted Rice


    Sprouted Rice

    At Lundberg Family Farms, they're committed to producing the finest quality rice and rice products for your family. Since its inception, the company has been built around the idea that earning a profit and respecting and sustaining the earth are not mutually exclusive. That's why they use eco-positive farming methods to bring wholesome, healthful rice, rice cakes and rice chips to your family.
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    Picture of Rice - Purple Forbidden - 425 g

    Lotus Foods

    Rice - Purple Forbidden - 425 g

    At your next family gathering, make the perfect side dish by using this rice from Lotus Foods. Lotus Foods is trying to change how rice is grown by supporting better growing practices that lessen environmental impact.
    Picture of Wild Blend Rice - Brown & Black - 454 g


    Wild Blend Rice - Brown & Black - 454 g

    Add a splash of colour to your next dish with Lundberg’s Wild Blend. This blend of brown and black rice has a delightful texture, full-bodied flavour and wonderful aroma. It works great with hearty meals and as a side to subtle seafood dishes.
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