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    Baking Ingredients

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    Picture of Creamed Coconut - Unsweetened - 200 g

    Let's Do...Organic

    Creamed Coconut - Unsweetened - 200 g

    Few things are more delicious or healthy than coconut. Better yet, few ingredients are more versatile. The next time you make a soup, stew or smoothie, add a blast of coconut goodness by using Let’s Do Organic’s Unsweetened Creamed Coconut.
    Picture of Almond Extract - 59 ml

    Simply Organic

    Almond Extract - 59 ml

    Give your dessert a bit of almond flavour to push it over the edge of greatness, courtesy of Simply Organic’s Almond Extract. This sweet, organic extract has a clean taste and a heavenly aroma that’s perfect for croissants, turnovers and bear claws.
    Picture of Egg Replacer - 454 g

    Ener G

    Egg Replacer - 454 g

    Make vegan-friendly bread or cookies without the eggs, courtesy of Ener G’s Egg Replacer. Made with a blend of potato and tapioca starch, this gluten free egg alternative allows you to create delicious egg-free baked goods.
    Picture of Baking Chocolate

    Cuisine Camino

    Baking Chocolate

    Employees own and govern all of the co-operatives that provide ingredients to Camino. Since their modest beginnings, Camino has sought to use a Fair Trade model to help individuals and their families improve their standard of living while doing what they love. They’re huge supporters of sustainable development so that everyone can enjoy the earth for a long time.
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    Picture of Cornstarch - 170 g

    Let's Do...Organic

    Cornstarch - 170 g

    If you need to thicken a sauce or you’re planning on making a tapioca pudding, try using Let’s Do Organic’s Cornstarch. This classic cornstarch is perfect for use in traditional desserts as a thickening agent.
    Picture of Potato Starch - 624 g
    Picture of Peppermint Flavor - 59 ml

    Simply Organic

    Peppermint Flavor - 59 ml

    Add an invigorating splash of peppermint to your next dessert, courtesy of Simply Organic’s Peppermint Flavour. This organic peppermint flavour lets you give a minty touch to your favourite beverages, frostings, puddings and baked goods.
    Picture of Graham Style Crumbs - 300 g

    Kinnikinnick Foods

    Graham Style Crumbs - 300 g

    Get ready to make a great cheesecake crust using Kinnikinnick Foods’ Graham Style Crumbs. These delicious crumbs contain no soy, no eggs, no sulphites and no yeast. There are also no preservatives of any kind.
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