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    Baking Ingredients

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    Picture of Vanilla Beans - 5 count

    Level Ground Trading

    Vanilla Beans - 5 count

    Instead of settling for vanilla extract, level up your dessert by using Level Ground Trading’s Vanilla Beans. These aromatic beans are naturally grown by small-scale farmers in Uganda and acquired with direct Fair Trade practices.
    Picture of Baking Soda - No Aluminum - 400 g

    Community Naturals

    Baking Soda - No Aluminum - 400 g

    Give your baking more volume with Community Naturals’ No Aluminum Baking Soda. Baking soda is traditionally used in baking alongside an acid to raise full-flavoured cakes such as gingerbread, fruit cake and carrot cake.
    Picture of Flax Seed - 680 g

    Highwood Crossing

    Flax Seed - 680 g

    Add a boost of nutritious fibre to your morning smoothie, courtesy of Highwood Crossing’s Flax Seed. This certified organic flax seed is non-GMO and processed in a nut and peanut-free environment. It is loaded with both soluble and insoluble fibre.
    Picture of Upgraded Chocolate Powder - 454 g


    Upgraded Chocolate Powder - 454 g

    Get a taste of one smoothest experiences of your life, courtesy of Bulletproof’s Upgraded Chocolate Powder. This high-quality powder has superior flavour and also acts as a superfood. It comes from rare, wild, hand-harvested South American cacao beans.
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    Picture of Coconut - Unsweetened Finely Shredded - 250 g

    Let's Do...Organic

    Coconut - Unsweetened Finely Shredded - 250 g

    Few things are more delicious or healthy than coconut. Better yet, few ingredients are more versatile. The next time you make a cake, cookies or muffins, add a blast of coconut goodness by using Let’s Do Organic’s Unsweetened Finely Shredded Coconut.
    Picture of Cocoa Powder - 224 g

    Cuisine Camino

    Cocoa Powder - 224 g

    When you have a craving for chocolate, try baking with Cuisine Camino’s Cocoa Powder. This Dutch-processed cocoa powder has been treated with alkali to neutralize its acidity and bitterness, giving it an overall smooth flavour and a rich colour.
    Picture of Flax Seed

    Highwood Crossing

    Flax Seed

    Visit Highwood Crossing and you'll be transfixed by the shallow portion of the Highwood River that runs beside the lovely heritage family farm. In 1989, nearly 100 years after the farm got its start, Tony and Penny switched to sustainable organic farming methods. They don't use any toxic chemicals or pesticides, they rotate their crops to control weeds and pests, and they do their best to leave a small carbon footprint.
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    Picture of Chocolate Chips - Bittersweet 71% - 225 g

    Cuisine Camino

    Chocolate Chips - Bittersweet 71% - 225 g

    Give your cookies, desserts and baked treats a delicious chocolate flavour by using Cuisine Camino’s Chocolate Chips. This Fair Trade chocolate will transform all of your recipes and into tasty sensations that family and friends will love.
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