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    Baking Mix, Ingredients & Flour

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    Picture of Unbleached White Flour - 10 kg
    Picture of Almond Flour - 454 g

    JK Gourmet

    Almond Flour - 454 g

    Get ready to do some gluten free baking, courtesy of JK Gourmet’s Almond Flour. This guaranteed gluten free almond flour as a fine powder texture that makes it perfect for pie crusts, cakes, cookies, brownies and muffins.
    Picture of Flour - Almond Meal - 400 g

    Community Naturals

    Flour - Almond Meal - 400 g

    If you’re planning to get some baking done over the weekend and you’re looking for an alternative to traditional flour, try this one from Community Naturals. We strive to create healthy products that are simple, natural and affordable.
    Picture of Cacao Powder - 227 g

    Organic Traditions

    Cacao Powder - 227 g

    See why the Mayans and Aztecs revered cacao by trying Organic Traditions’ Cacao Powder. Chilies, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices flavour this traditional superfood, which are very high in fibre and loaded with potassium and antioxidants.
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    Picture of Vanilla - 100 ml

    Bakers Supply House

    Vanilla - 100 ml

    Add a splash of flavour to your baking by using Bakers Supply House’s Vanilla. This organic, certified organic vanilla extract is made without the use of any GMO ingredients. Add a teaspoon to your morning smoothie for an extra burst of vanilla goodness.
    Picture of Pumpkin - 398 ml

    Farmers Market

    Pumpkin - 398 ml

    Whether winter is just around the corner, or you’re craving the taste of pumpkin pie, you’ll love Farmers Market’s Pumpkin. This rich, smooth and delicious pumpkin comes ready to use in everything from baked goods to entrees.
    Picture of Baking & Pancake Mix - 1.81 kg


    Baking & Pancake Mix - 1.81 kg

    Whether you’re making a stack of flapjacks on Sunday morning or a birthday cake for a family member, you can use Pamela’s Cake Mix. This certified gluten free mix contains no artificial additives, hydrogenated oils or added sugar. It’s perfect for baking anything light and fluffy.
    Picture of Yeast - 400 g

    Community Naturals

    Yeast - 400 g

    If you’re planning on getting some baking done, make sure you pick up Community Naturals’ Yeast. At Community Naturals, we pride ourselves on only providing you and your family with the best and healthiest ingredients.
    Picture of Vanilla Non-Alcoholic Flavoring - 118 ml

    Simply Organic

    Vanilla Non-Alcoholic Flavoring - 118 ml

    Add an extra rich and creamy vanilla touch to your next batch of cookies by using Simply Organic’s Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Flavouring. Derived exclusively from Madagascar beans, this flavouring has a rich, floral and fruity vanilla flavour that will perfectly enhance your baking.
    Picture of Perfect Flour Blend - 1.36 kg


    Perfect Flour Blend - 1.36 kg

    Ensure your baked goods taste perfect by using Namaste’s Perfect Flour Blend. To use this gluten free flour, simply substitute it at a 1:1 ratio with regular wheat flour. Enjoy your favourite everyday recipes once more.
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