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    Picture of Bone Broth - Traditional - 600 ml

    Bone Brewhouse

    Bone Broth - Traditional - 600 ml

    Just as good as when Grandma used to make it, Bone Brewhouse’s classic chicken broth recipe is a tasty base for a comforting and nourishing chicken noodle soup. If you don’t feel like making a whole batch of soup, this gluten free broth is equally delicious on its own on a chilly winter day.
    Picture of Bone Broth - Lemon And Ginger - 600 ml

    Bone Brewhouse

    Bone Broth - Lemon And Ginger - 600 ml

    Taking its inspiration from Thailand, this flavourful lemon and ginger broth may provide you with a nice immune boost during flu season. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, add wild rice and crispy tofu to create a tasty Thai meal.
    Picture of Bone Broth

    Bone Brewhouse

    Bone Broth

    Bone Brewhouse has mastered the art of the slow-simmered bone broth, crafting traditional broths that taste great and pack a nutritional punch. Their line of gluten free broths can be a staple in any diet and are particularly suited towards those aiming for delicious paleo meals. Use these flavourful broths as a base for everyday meals, or heat them in a mug and enjoy them on their own.
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    Picture of Bone Broth - Pho - 600 ml

    Bone Brewhouse

    Bone Broth - Pho - 600 ml

    If you’re looking for a gluten free taste of Vietnam, you should start with Bone Brewhouse’s Pho Bone Broth. Enjoy this perfectly spiced broth on its own, or add rice noodles to create a protein-packed version of your favourite Vietnamese dish.
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