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    Picture of Body Butter

    Andalou Naturals

    Body Butter

    At Andalou Naturals, they believe beauty is a reflection of how you think, feel and behave. They strive to create products that align with their core values which means they don't use any GMO ingredients. They support vegan-friendly, organic and Fair Trade practices.
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    Picture of Vegetable Glycerine - 250 ml

    True Essence

    Vegetable Glycerine - 250 ml

    Create a base for your next cleansing oil with True Essence's Vegetable Glycerin. This natural product works to soften dry skin and is commonly used in soaps and facial creams. Store it in a cool, dark area to extend its shelf life.
    Picture of Pure Lanolin - 207 ml


    Pure Lanolin - 207 ml

    Moisturize your lips and protect your cheeks from wind burn with Now's Pure Lanolin. Derived from the fibre of sheep's wool, lanolin acts as a heavy-duty moisturizer and emollient to promote healthy, youthful skin. This gluten free product also protects from rain and moisture.
    Picture of Body Butter - 1000 Roses - 236 ml

    Andalou Naturals

    Body Butter - 1000 Roses - 236 ml

    Keep your skin soft and healthy by using Andalou Naturals' 1000 Roses Velvet Soft Body Butter. This vegan-friendly body butter contains a blend of rosehip oil, argan oil, cocoa butter and superfruit antioxidants to pamper and protect your skin's moisture barrier.
    Picture of Cocoa Butter - 170 g

    True Essence

    Cocoa Butter - 170 g

    Protect your skin with True Essence's Cocoa Butter. Obtained from the kernels of the mango tree, this all-natural butter is firmer than mango butter and contains moisturizing essential fatty acids to keep your skin firm while leaving you with a pleasant cocoa aroma.
    Picture of A Path of Light Hand Cream - Clementine - 100 ml

    Andalou Naturals

    A Path of Light Hand Cream - Clementine - 100 ml

    Nourish your hands, nails, cuticles and elbows with Andalou Naturals Clementine A Path of Light Hand Cream. Organic sea buckthorn oil, Fair Trade shea and cocoa butter moisturize and nourish your hands to protect them for the long day ahead.
    Picture of Calendula Body Lotion - 200 ml


    Calendula Body Lotion - 200 ml

    Comfort your little one by rubbing them with Weleda's Calendula Body Lotion. This gentle formula contains a blend natural ingredients which nourish and protect your baby's delicate skin, keeping it velvety-soft.
    Picture of Hyaluronic Acid Hand and Body Cream Pink Grapefruit - 180 ml


    Hyaluronic Acid Hand and Body Cream Pink Grapefruit - 180 ml

    Leave your skin feeling soft and supple with Newco's Hyaluronic Acid Pink Grapefruit Hand and Body Cream. This moisturizing cream provides lubrication, elasticity and cushioning to your skin. It contains only the finest ingredients.
    Picture of Body Lotion - Mandarin Vanilla - 236 ml

    Andalou Naturals

    Body Lotion - Mandarin Vanilla - 236 ml

    Restore life to your skin with Andalou Naturals' Mandarin Vanilla Vitalizing Body Lotion. This vegan-friendly and gluten free body lotion contains ultra-hydrating aloe vera to help protect and uplift your skin's moisture barrier. It will leave your skin soft as a flower petal.
    Picture of Ohm Facial Cream - 50 ml

    Gardener's Dream

    Ohm Facial Cream - 50 ml

    Give your skin the luxurious care it deserves with Gardener's Dream's Ohm Facial Cream. The high concentration of carrot seed oil enhances your skin tone and elasticity while high-quality plant ingredients provide powerful antioxidants to relieve your dry skin.
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