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    Picture of BroccoFusion Sulforaphane Ointment - 50 ml


    BroccoFusion Sulforaphane Ointment - 50 ml

    Make your skin glow by using Newco's BroccoFusioin Sulforaphane Ointment. This ointment provides deep down moisture to help your trouble spots. It reduces signs of ageing, stretch marks, moles and acne.
    Picture of Emu Oil - 60 ml

    Kalaya Naturals

    Emu Oil - 60 ml

    Feed your skin with Kalaya Naturals' Emu Oil. This natural oil provides gentle nourishment for dry and inflamed skin. This made-in-Canada oil is so gentle, in fact, that it can be used on young children and babies.
    Picture of Calendula Ointment

    River City Herbals

    Calendula Ointment

    Rand Smith was suffering from dry skin due to Winnipeg's harsh, blistering cold winters. Rather than head to the supermarket for a solution, he decided to make his own calendula ointment. The ointment garnered rave reviews, and soon he was selling it in local stores throughout Western Canada.
    From $10.99
    Picture of Calendula Ointment - 113 g

    River City Herbals

    Calendula Ointment - 113 g

    If you're struggling with minor skin conditions, you might be able to find relief by using River City Herbals' Calendula Ointment. This wonderfully soothing ointment stimulates blood flow to help heal damaged tissue and improve your skin's resistance to irritants.
    Picture of Arnica Cream - 100 g

    Martin & Pleasance

    Arnica Cream - 100 g

    After a tough work out or a minor sprain, you should try using Martin and Pleasance's Arnica Cream. This cream contains ingredients that are traditionally used to soothe sore muscles and inflammation due to sprains, bruises and wounds.
    Picture of 99% Aloe Vera Gelly - 114 g

    Lily of the Desert

    99% Aloe Vera Gelly - 114 g

    Replenish your skin's lost moisture with Lily of the Desert's 99% Aloe Vera Gelly. For thousands of years, people have used aloe vera to moisturize their skin and soothe their sunburns. This specially formulated gel will hydrate your top 3 epidermal layers.
    Picture of Absolut Arnica - 50 ml

    A. Vogel

    Absolut Arnica - 50 ml

    A. Vogel's Absolut Arnica contains ingredients traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, particularly pain associated with osteoarthritis. It has a non-greasy texture and is fast-acting.
    Picture of BroccoFusion Sulforaphane Ointment


    BroccoFusion Sulforaphane Ointment

    Newco is proud to be based out of Calgary. They're busy revolutionizing skin care, supplements and toothpaste courtesy of broccoli's most potent antioxidant: sulforaphane. They've designed their products to make the least environmental impact possible, and they dedicate 1% of their profits to organizations that promote sustainable living.
    From $34.99
    Picture of Traum Relief Cream - 100 g

    Martin & Pleasance

    Traum Relief Cream - 100 g

    When you're dealing with muscle aches and pains, try using Martin and Pleasance's Traum Relief Cream. This cream is specially formulated to relieve minor muscle pain, minor sports injuries, bruises and sprains.
    Picture of DMSO Gel - 100 g

    Life Choice

    DMSO Gel - 100 g

    Help to temporarily reduce the pain associated with certain musculoskeletal conditions of your large joints with Life Choice's DMSO Gel. This gel also assists the healing of minor wounds, including cuts and burns, and other minor skin irritations.
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